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Is 40 to old to start Brazilian Jiujitsu?

In a recent article I read it asked the question if 40 was to old to Start training Brazilian Jiujitsu.

I've been training brazilian Jiujitsu for close to 10 years now and along the way have had many training partners, many of them being in their 40s and even some into there fifties.

The way BJJ ( Brazilian Jiujitsu) was created was to favor the smaller man in the altercation. Developed to give the weaker, smaller person the advantage, Brazilian Jiujitsu techniques rely heavily on leverage over strength and and efficiency over strong exhausting movements.

Now don't get me wrong WILL break a sweat practicing Jiujitsu which is one of the best reasons for starting Jiujitsu here at Eliteteam Monterey Brazilian Jiujitsu located near cannery row. It's a great workout and you learn how to defend yourself.

Now back to my training partners that were alittle older...some of the older training partners where the hardest one to roll against (ROLLING = live sparing at the end of class)

Once they had developed their technique along with the "Man strength" it was a mean combination.

So to answer the Question if 40 is TO OLD to start training Brazilian Jiujitsu...

That's up to you but here at Eliteteam Monterey Brazilian Jiujitsu there are many students having fun and getting better training Jiujitsu and we welcome new Students with open arms.

So are you Ready to make a change for the better and Improve your overall health?

an are you also ready to get in better physical shape?

Come try a Class here at Eliteteam Monterey CLICK HERE>>> Contact an instructor

HEY and check out this Article On Anthony Bourdain's Jiujitsu journey

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