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About the Acadmey 

Brazilian Jiujitsu at Eliteteam Monterey is focused on building students with a deep understanding of grappling both standing and grounded techniques, concepts and principles.  

Professor Mark Gutierrez vision for Eliteteam Monterey is to grow BJJ on the Monterey peninsula and share with as many people as possible.  he feels that Jiujitsu has so much to offer to people.
 "We look to create an environment where our students not only learn jiu jitsu, but also develop positive behaviors such as discipline, respect, and humility. Through learning jiu jitsu, students will discover how to push themselves to achieve and believe in their individual worth and abilities." - Coach Mark

Meet the Instructor

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Mark Gutierrez has been studying and competing in Brazilian Jiujitsu since 2008, under the tutelage of Tom Knox Black belt under Cleber Luciano. Mark Holds a Black Belt In BJJ
" Jiujitsu has been a life changer for me, Before Jiujitsu I had very low self esteem and not much pride in myself, Jiujitsu changed that  for me. Through training BJJ I was able to over come fears and  become comfortable in my own skin, loosing weight and gaining confidence.  - Mark Gutierrez 

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Meet Coach Mark

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