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Eliteteam Monterey Kid's Classes

Physical activity is an Important part of a child’s growth and development. Learning Brazilian Jiu jitsu offers benefits that will help your child grow to become a confident, successful and productive member of society. They will realize they have power and strength by dealing with advertises and solving problems.

We have designed our kid’s programs to be interactive, motivational, challenging, and fun. We look to create an environment where our students not only learn Brazilian Jiu jitsu, but also develop positive behaviors such as Discipline, Respect, Humility, and Teamwork. In learning Brazilian Jiu jitsu, they will discover how to push themselves to achieve and believe in their individual worth and abilities. Most importantly, they will have tons of fun and meet new people from all walks of life!

Classes Broken Down


Eliteteam youth program 5-12 

For our 5-12 kids, we focus on developing strong fundamentals and we teach more complex techniques and sequences.


We incorporate more drills, positional sparring, and live rolling. We push our 5-12 year old to be more disciplined in their training, and accountable for their participation and personal growth.

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