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Brazilian Jiujitsu Education Rates

All memberships offer an unlimited training schedule so you can pick and choose classes based off your lifestyle. 

Our payment system is a monthly reoccurring withdrawal but we do not force a contract ,but rather a 30 day notice of cancellation. (No cancellation fees)

Memberships at Eliteteam Monterey Jiujitsu Academy includes.

  • Access to The Full Schedule of Classes.

  • Access to The Rental Gis.

  • Access to The Strength and Conditioning Equipment.

  • Access to the Refrigerator for Meal Storage. 

  • Access to The Shower.

  • Access to The Towel Services.

  • Access to The Lounging/TV area.

  • Access to the Pure H20 inc. Water Purification Fountian for filling reusable water bottles. 

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