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EliteTeam Monterey is located in seaside CA at 786 Broadway ave 93955. We practice on Fuji Mat tatamis siting on an impact absorbing SubFloor with Fuji wall mats which protects students from hard impacts on the walls.  Our goal is to give our students the safest environment to learn Brazilian Jiujitsu on. the mats are clean everyday and always ready to be trained on!

There is one ADA Restroom and a PureH20inc. Filtered Water dispenser so bring those recyclable bottles! (Best water on the peninsula)

Beginners to advance we welcome everyone to come learn.

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EliteTeam Monterey Jiujitsu Academy
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Eliteteam Monterey is a way of giving back to the community here in the Monterey peninsula. Jiujitsu has a powerful effect on people both Physically and mentally. 


The Overcoming of struggles on the Mats increases your ability to deal with stress in other areas in your life. 


"Brazilian Jiujitsu has had a Huge impact on my life. My goal with EliteTeamMonterey is to share BJJ with as many people as I can." Mark Gutierrez (Black Belt/Head Instructor) 


At EliteTeamBJJ we focus heavily on proper technique and the application of those techniques.


-Our classes consist of a (warm up ) made of Jiujitsu specific Movements 

Followed by

-Instruction (Technique Drills )

and closing class off with

-Positional and Situational drilling

-Free rolls (live rounds)





Join us For a morning, noon or night class. No matter what level of experience you have Instructor Mark Gutierrez and the rest of the students at EliteTeam Monterey will make your feel welcomed and help you with every step  you take along your BJJ Journey.



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